Forspoken: DirectStorage and FidelityFX in Technology Trailer

Image: Luminous Productions

The action RPG will be one of the first games to support Forspoken Microsoft’s DirectStorage programming interface, which minimizes loading times by making better use of SSDs. The title also supports AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution. The new trailer showcases the technology.

The fantasy action role-playing game with adventure elements planned for Windows PC and PlayStation 5 would later support AMD’s FSR 2.0, but FSR 1.0 can still be seen in the video.

In addition, the benefits of graphics techniques such as ambient occlusion, screen space reflection, denoiser, and variable shading are illustrated. In addition, the trailer provides the first measurement of loading time, which is to be accelerated with the help of Microsoft’s new DirectStorage API.

In the first example, the M.2 SSD (apparently with NVMe) only requires 1.9 seconds and is therefore almost twice as fast as a SATA SSD with 3.7 seconds. HDD lags far behind with over 20 seconds. In the second example, the compared load times are as follows.

However, there is no direct statement about the benefits of the new API, as values ​​are not presented without DirectStorage.

DirectStorage allows games to take better advantage of the power of faster storage, giving gamers the benefit of faster load times. This is possible because the graphics card can reload data directly from mass storage via PCI Express without going through the CPU and main memory. The API for Windows 10 and 11 has been available to developers since mid-March. Nvidia markets DirectStorage as RTX I/O.

Nvidia RTX IO Uses DirectStorage API
Nvidia RTX IO uses the DirectStorage API (Image: Nvidia)

Forspoken is slated to release for PC and PS5 on October 11, 2022, with a much delayed release and will cost a relatively high 80 euros.

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