Better than any Dark Souls! character editor leaked

Better than any Dark Souls!  character editor leaked

From Carsten Scholzie ,
Like Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls, we can create our own hero in the Elden Ring. Now a leaked video shows an (unfinished) character kit for the Next From Software game.

We already know really well what Alden has in store for us on February 25th, 2022. That aside, there was this 20-minute gameplay trailer in November that showed off the company’s new work. from software Presented in detail (you can find the video at the end of the news).

On the other hand, an extensive network test took place in November, thanks to which players were able to extensively explore certain parts of the world – including many bosses and secrets. You can watch a preview video of the test program below:

Elden Ring | Preview | The best fantasy world since Breath of the Wild?

new character editor

But there are still some question marks, for example about Character Kit, which was not available during network testing. During testing, players were “only” allowed to choose from several drawn characters.

A leak now revolves around this kit. Youtuber ER-SA shows an unfinished version of Elden Ring’s character editor on his channel (buy now 53,99 € ,, but the visuals are enough to make one thing clear: The editor of the Elden Ring will be a significant upgrade for the editors of Demon Souls and Dark Souls. Furthermore, it looks like there are fields for a total of ten classes from which we can then choose. But see for yourself:

Next-Se-Software-Game Like No Soul?

Speaking to Software: Apparently a customer survey is currently making the rounds asking players to rate several videos and screenshots of the still-unannounced mech game by Hidetaka Miyazaki.

Mechs and From Software, was nothing? I agree! In 1997, Armored Corps was a From Software game for the Playstation that focused on the pilot of a giant robot combat unit. Various successors followed, most recently Armored Core: Judgment Day for the Playstation 3 in 2013. So chances are good that Miyazaki won’t develop a new soul after Elden Ring.

Source | eurogamer, pc gamer

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