Kaufland’s customers are stunned by the sight: “Can’t be true”

Kaufland's customers are stunned by the sight: "Can't be true"

A customer stands in front of empty shelves while shopping after 6 pm at the Kaufland branch.

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The Kaufland supermarket chain attracts many with its wide range. But shopping there didn’t always go smoothly, as one customer now reports.

Bentwish / Nekarsulam – After work, just do some quick shopping and then go home. How many employees do their grocery shopping in Germany? Thanks to their huge assortment, Kaufland Supermarket Chain* A popular contact point for this.

But as a customer at a Kaufland branch in Bentwish (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) had to locate, evening shopping becomes a challenge, Report BW24.de,

Kaufland’s shelves went completely empty: “Doesn’t anyone fill up with anything?”

The customer shared a photo on Facebook from the Kaufland branch in Bentwish. On it you can see: Empty vegetable and fruit display. There is yawning emptiness on the other shelves as well. The customer can hardly believe what he sees. Apparently this situation has happened before. He wrote to Kaufland on Facebook: “Hello Kaufland team, it can’t be true that shelves are completely empty all the time from 6pm. Some actually go to work until 6pm,” he would say angrily “Doesn’t anyone fill in anything?” he wants to know.

Coffland responds to the complaint, writing in a comment: “Dear Eric, Thank you for your response. We fully understand your displeasure and would like to apologize for the fact that the branch was apparently concerned about the availability of goods.” I need action.” Lidl* So far black group* Heard, customers would also like to give feedback to management.

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Kaufland & Lidl: Poor service is often the cause of customer complaints

There are frequent complaints about Kaufland or Lidl on the Internet. A customer, for example, looked at with similar horror Employee gave a shelf and called it “absolutely unhygienic”,

Recently the online shop of discounter Lidl received a lot of criticism on the internet. Due to the problem of return, there was a storm in the customers*, Other Lidl customers complained about the service, During this Kaufland online shop can be found at exorbitant prices, *BW24 is an offer ippn.media

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