Horror Tycoon: Build Haunted House – title goes to Early Access

Horror Tycoon: Build Haunted House - title goes to Early Access

Tycoon games are a dime a dime a dozen now. Here’s another one of a different kind: in Horror Tycoon it’s your job to build the best haunted house in the world. The game is now available as an Early Access title for little money.

design your own haunted house

How do you make a nice haunted house? With Horror Tycoon you will learn it. Build walls, install doors and of course trap doors, illusion walls and confuse your visitors with a scary maze.

Of course, optics should not be neglected, because the atmosphere must be perfect. Accordingly, you can decorate like crazy. You have ghost pictures, fairy lights and many different props to choose from in this project.

Image: youtube/playway

Increase reputation and earn money

If you are successful in your design, your reputation will gradually increase. Plus, the investment will definitely pay for itself quickly. You can then use this money to buy new, even better monster charms and scary traps.

game is on Steam Available. Thanks to a small discount campaign, you pay only 11.24 euros for the fun entertainment. Full release is planned for October 2023. On Steam, the developer, who is a single developer and works alone on the project, gives a preview of upcoming features. If you’re interested in the genre, it’s worth checking out this new type of tycoon project.

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