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Cosmic Fantasy Collection

Originally released for the PC Engine and TurboGrafX CD, its two titles cosmic fantasy series Enjoy on Nintendo Switch. Developer Studio Edia’s Double Pack includes Cosmic Fantasy: Adventure Boy Yuu and its sequel Cosmic Fantasy 2: Adventure Boy Van, crowdfunding campaign Was able to collect a total of 3 million yen – which is equivalent to about 21,000 euros today. The first part was released exclusively in Japan in 1990, a sequel to the TurboGrafX CD a year later and also managed to gain a foothold overseas. After December 2022 Should it be so far away that you could end up with 6,380 yen (approx. 45 euro, Cosmic Fantasy Collection can experience. There is no trailer, but the following video from the GTV Japan channel gives insight into the original versions of the role-playing game. For more information, please visit japanese site above.

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Do you know about Cosmic Fantasy Series? Would you like to see role-playing games on a hybrid console?

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