Philips-Hue is compatible with Smart Home Protocol Matter

Philips-Hue is compatible with Smart Home Protocol Matter

With just one step, all Philips Hue products become mater-able

Philips Hue With Hue Bridge as a hub provides the most comprehensive and easy-to-personal intelligent lighting, connecting indoor and outdoor lights to entertainment functions, smart accessories and more. To take smart home integration to the next level, the software in the user’s Hue Bridge is simply automatically updated to include mater compatibility. The update makes it easy for users to connect to other smart home devices. Because all previous settings and personalities of all components are maintained even after the Matter update, users use a wide range of intelligent lighting functions to design their home with lighting views, automated schedules, extended entertainment options, and more. Can continue to do.

Philips contributes significantly to the development of the Hue standard

As a board member of Connectivity Standards Alliance, A member of the Matter and Zigbee steering committee and an active member in the development of specification and certification To bring forth Established as a relevant actor in Matter’s development process.

“At Philips Hue, we always strive to offer our users the latest, innovative and expanded options for networking with other smart home systems. We have been actively involved in the development and testing of the Matter standard from the beginning , And we have been a regular. The interoperability of Philips Hue’s products has been tested with a smart home partner to enable seamless integration of smart lighting, and George Yiani, Philips Hue’s chief technology officer at Signature, said. ” The unique Philips Hue enhances the user experience more. “” I believe this uniform connectivity will contribute to the widespread use of smart home technology in standard homes. “

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Matter is expected to be introduced by Connectivity Standards Alliance in the fourth quarter of 2021. Shortly afterwards, a software update will be available for Hue Bridges worldwide.

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