WhatsApp banner above chat: what does it signify?

WhatsApp banner above chat: what does it signify?

From March 15, WhatsApp’s new terms of use will come into force – the company will indicate it with a banner. It will appear in the chat overview soon.

In early January, Messenger WhatsApp caught fire as it wanted to force users to accept the new Terms of Use. The contents of these provisions were so clearly drawn that many people mistook them as a free ticket for data transfer to the parent company Facebook. Since then, alternative messengers such as Signal and Telegram have seen rapid download numbers increase. To bring the situation under control, WhatsApp came back. The new rules will come into effect from March 15 – instead of February 8 as per the original plan.

Nothing changes in normal chat usage

Messenger indicates new appointment with banner appearing on WhatsApp chat. There it states that the terms of use of WhatsApp and data security provisions will be optimized. Changes can be examined in detail with one click.

In fact, nothing changes with normal messenger usage. WhatsApp has been sharing data with Facebook since 2016. Many people were not aware of this, but TECHBOOK among others did so Reported extensively about it. In the European Union, data transfer is stricter than anywhere else. For EU residents, everything is the same.

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The new WhatsApp terms of use regulate how users communicate with companies through Messenger. Chats are usually end-to-end encrypted. This means that only you and you can read news from beyond. Even if the WhatsApp server has been hacked, no one will get to see the chat content. However, it is not present in chats with security companies. The content of these messages is not encrypted. Thus it can be used for targeted advertising for Facebook and stored on the company’s servers.

Banner leads to the use of new WhatsApp

Already these changes have been made after WhatsApp Forced on its users as a status message, A banner should now appear on chat. If you tap on it, a page appears On which change is explained.

WhatsApp tries to make changes in Messenger with promises of data security.Photo: Whatsapp

On the side, WhatsApp clearly states that communication with companies is completely optional. Users have control over whether they want to contact companies through WhatsApp. You can block contacts at any time and remove them from your list. Chats with companies are also clearly marked, so as not to confuse them with normal chat.

WhatsApp also tries to confirm that chats between users are still end-to-end encrypted. Therefore neither WhatsApp nor Facebook will have access to the content of the messages.

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