Eric Prince: Blackwater founder involved in mercenary mission in Libya

Eric Prince: Blackwater founder involved in mercenary mission in Libya

According to a famous UN report, the famous Trump supporter and founder of the US military company Blackwater Eric Prince is the mastermind of a secret mercenary operation. Libya. In April 2019, the Prince proposed a military campaign to the Libyan chieftain Khalifa Haffar to help the common man in his fight against the country’s internationally recognized government. The United Nations report, which was presented to the Security Council on Thursday, is available in parts of the German press agency.

Like this According to the “New York Times” Support the $ 80 million “Operation Opus” Haftar in their battle with armed aircraft, reconnaissance flights, boats and a program for the kidnapping and murder of high-end enemy individuals. The Prince brought the war planes into the country and thus violated the existing weapons for the Civil War country. What the consequences will be for Prince, such as whether his accounts will be frozen, is unclear at the moment.

The German press agency had already reported on the mission in May, citing UN experts – but without knowing that the prince was closely involved with her. Former Elite Navy Seals soldier is the founder and former managing director of Blackwater, which was founded in 2009 Xe Services The name was changed and is now called the Academy. Prince left the company in 2011. He was in close contact with the former president over the years. Donald Trump And the people around it. He is also the brother of former US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

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Black water workers were stationed in Iraq on behalf of the United States in 2007. In September 2007, some of them set fire to a square in Baghdad, killing 17 unarmed Iraqi civilians. Four Blackwater mercenaries were sentenced to lengthy prison terms. The shooter was sentenced to life imprisonment. The men argued that they acted in self-defense. In September 2020, Trump waives all four.

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