Clubhouse for Android is available as a beta version in the US

Clubhouse for Android is available as a beta version in the US

Now people with Android devices can also participate in the promotion: Clubhouse has released its app in the Google Play Store as a beta version – but initially only in the USA. If you try to access it in this country, no download option is displayed. However, worldwide publication is to follow, first in English-speaking countries, then everywhere. Until then, get feedback.

The clubhouse is now also available for Android Service side To identify. There, the App Store button is included by the Google Store button. There is not much to find on the website anyway. In Blog post welcomes clubhouse Android users: “With Android, we believe the clubhouse will feel more complete.”

However, the fact is that the application can only be used by invitation, with the operating system. The Android app isn’t even missing some functions, you can’t follow themes yet, you can’t limit the search to where the thing should be, and don’t have translation functions.

However, the hype surrounding the live podcast app has been flattened a bit, as the download figures show. If necessary, the addition of Android can help and lead to a new high.

Meanwhile, many other services and social media have popped up and integrated similar functions or are in the process of expanding them. Twitter has launched its own space where groups can exchange ideas. Has come a long way with its offerings: stage channels are called talk rounds there, but they can only be opened by those who operate community servers. Reddit Talk offers live audios that can be customized: avatars instead of real names and photos in the clubhouse.

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