Microsoft is again testing an improved update process for Windows 11

Microsoft released another update for Windows Insider ahead of the long Easter weekend. This time it’s a cumulative update that serves only one purpose: to test the better update process of windows 11,

Anyone who uses the Windows 11 Insider Program will now receive a cumulative update following the latest update Microsoft released last week. This cumulative Insider update is now a test run for update distribution only. So only the improvements that the team has made to the update process, i.e. the routine with which new Windows updates are delivered, are tested over the past few weeks.

The new build is build number 22598.100 (KB5014100) and will be distributed to Insiders in the Dev and Beta channels.

Updates are always changing

Little is known about the extent to which these improvements are now causing noticeable changes among users. Microsoft tries to shorten the update routine and thus improve the update experience for each update. One goal is to make the update packages small enough and redistribute them so that the restart can start earlier. The new cumulative update doesn’t bring anything else that is new, it says windows blog,

15/4/2022: “We are beginning to roll out cumulative update build 22598.100 (KB5014100). This update contains no new features and is intended to test our maintenance pipeline for builds in the development and beta channels ”

Many innovations including visible

By the way, changes to the update process are being developed not only for Windows 11. as well windows 10 users Improvement would be beneficial. Microsoft has been busy for months with generally rebuilding available updates. Not only are there security changes for Patch Day, but there are also new functions and features. In addition, the Windows team is launching these innovations with optional updates ahead of patch day.

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