The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Industrial Robotic Arm

If you undertake manufacturing, machining, or assembly and want to invest in a reliable robotic arm, this article is for you.

It gives you the most typical reasons, areas, and how to apply the trending robots. Lastly, you will figure out the top five best robotic arms for your business.

By the end of this article, you will find it comfortable to utilize modern robots. Most importantly, applying the knowledge you are about to gain will enable you to realize your return on investment quickly.

What is more? Read on to find out.

Why You Need a Modern Robotic Arm for Your Business

The primary reasons for utilizing a classic industrial robot arm are achieving consistency, chopping off extra costs, attaining flexible production, improving material handling, and propelling your ROI.

Here are how the robots enable you to actualize the above highly treasured production traits.


A typical industrial robot arm helps you maintain the quantity of your produce. With the robots, you can deliver a period number of goods consistently due to their 24/7 application.

With humans, you would need to halt production due to inevitable factors that fatigue or sickness. Worse yet, the massive industrial heat could lead to frequent burns and deaths.

Besides, manual production drastically deteriorates employee lifespan. The result is frequent downtimes that negatively impact consistent output.

The compound effect of stoppages is the inability to maintain output time. For example, you will find it hard to keep up with cyclic market demands. The drawback becomes more adverse as you venture into global competition.

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The union of industrial robots and collaborative robots enables you to maintain the quality of output.

That is possible through high precision you will achieve by deploying the intelligent machines rightly. Additionally, they make it comfortable to scale operations through value addition.

Drop Extra Costs

Contrary to traditional belief, industrial robotic arms are cheaper than manual production.

Traditionally, robots required massive investments.

Next, you had to incur extra costs paying a technical staff to program, maintain and control the machine. Also, you had to incur excess expenses in buying and fencing land for the robot.

The massive body was not scalable because it worked in a specific environment and on predetermined tasks.

The resulting purchase and maintenance overheads were unbearable to medium or small-sized firms. Even the firms that operated on a large scale felt a giant pinch on their revenue.

However, the introduction of collaborative robots changed industrial perception towards robots. The small intelligent machines cost less to buy. They are safe working with humans.

They can help you slash excess salaries and wages. That happens because they can conduct work that would need several people to do.

Their scalability enables them to switch activities in minute workspaces. As a result, they relieve you of the burden of having to buy an immense production environment.

Produce Comfortably

The robot’s ease of use makes your production remarkable. They do not need a complex procedure to deploy. For example, most of your staff can use the machines without having programming skills.

That happens because the manufacturer presents you friendly programmable interface or trains you to control the intelligent machine. Most of their magical speed lets you accomplish several tasks quickly and perfectly.

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Achieve Flexibility in Production

Collaborative robots enable you to realize flexible production through their scalability and structure.

Their arms are designed to assume various directions and angles. That makes them fit in tiny, medium, and large-scale operations.

You can switch from one production line. Consequently, your business can easily adjust to the fast-paced business world.

Boost Your ROI

The above advantages of industrial and collaborative robots reduce the time you sweat to attain your return on investment.

For example, they minimize costs while fueling output quantity, quality, and frequency. You find it simpler to satisfy enormous market demand. The result is more sales and profit, leading to prompt ROI realization.

Where Can You Use Industrial Robotic Arm?

Industrial production is vast. It calls for identifying the most relevant portion to apply robots. That leads to the ability to achieve your production goals faster. The most typical industrial environments to use robots are

  • Manufacturing
  • Machining
  • Assembly

You can use the robots for various duties, such as transportation, pick and place roles in manufacturing. They can be positioned strategically to conduct manual production and lower task completion time.

Here, they can shield workers from risky tasks that accompany high temperatures.

You use cobots to load and unload tools during milling, turning, drilling, pressing, and boring. Besides, their precision is needed in such tasks.

Collaborative robots can help you accomplish repetitive, boring, and tedious work in assembly-line production.

They are crucial in industrial production due to their joints, manipulators, and articulations. Joints are freely moving parts. Articulations are meeting points of various joints. Lastly, manipulators are arms with fixed and free ends.

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Examples of Modern Industrial Robotic Arms

The most popular robotic arms are:

Cartesian Robots

They assume linear motions (in either X or Y-axis directions). That makes them suitable for dome-shaped environments.

You can customize them to desired stroke length. The machines are best for pick and place roles.

Articulated Robots

Examples are 4, 6, and 7-axis articulated robots. Their 3D motions make them perfect for vast assembly demands.

SCARA Robots

They enable you to achieve the highest degree of freedom through their rotary motions (X, Y & Z directions). It would be best to use them in a small manufacturing workspace.

Cylindrical Robots

Cylindrical robots are best for place and place and assembly tasks. That is due to their circular motions.

Delta Robots

Delta robots are among the fastest industrial robot arms. They are best for a dome-shaped envelope that demands speed and accuracy.


Now that you know why, when, and how to use industrial robotic arms, it is the best time to invest in some of the described robots. They will enable you to realize ROI quickly and comfortably.

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