Problem with nvidia graphics card: RTX 4090 melts connectors

Problem with nvidia graphics card: RTX 4090 melts connectors

NVIDIA And its add-in board partners like Asus and Gigabyte may have a bigger problem surrounding the new high-end Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card. Apparently, for the newly launched 12-pin connector Power Supply possibly melted.

Feather reddit And there have been several recent reports in other relevant hardware forums that the so-called 12V HPWR connection introduced with the GeForce RTX 4000 series is causing problems. The connector, which is supposed to supply new high-end GPUs of up to 600 watts, melts under certain conditions because a connection to the graphics card cannot be guaranteed.

Cable routing is nearly impossible without bending

As of the current state of knowledge, problems with cable management in the respective housing may result in cables and thus plugs being loaded unevenly. Obviously, the contacts between the port and the connector, which have been reduced in size with the new connector, can move unfavorably, loosening cables or being unfavorably loaded, which increases resistance. is or causes uneven use. This produces heat which can eventually melt the connector housing.

Especially given the hefty prices of the GeForce RTX 4090, a problem as simple as a design error or load on the power connection is certainly disappointing. Cable specialist CableMod confirmed that problems can occur and pointed out that the risk of misalignment of the pins in the connector is particularly increased when the connection cable is bent to the connector on a horizontal plane.

According to the company, the risk can be significantly reduced by ensuring that the connection cables for the power supplies of Nvidia’s new high-end GPUs have a bend at least 35 millimeters from the connector. Cablemod is now working on new adapter cables that can be used by owners of new top graphics cards.

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In these new adapters, the connector with the 12V HPR connector has a right angle design to reduce the need to twist heavily tensioned cables and prevent the connector from shifting or tilting into the port on the GPU. Cablemod also provides information on its website.How to best ensure cable routing on the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 for now to prevent damage from melting connectors.

Apparently Nvidia was also concerned that the short connection could become a problem. According to various sources, the company warned PCSig and Intel, which were responsible for designing the new port, that the design of the port could eventually lead to negative consequences.

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