New Wavetail developer videos take an in-depth look at the story and soundtrack


Ahead of the mysterious action-adventure Wavetail arriving on PC, PlayStation and Switch on December 12th and Xbox the next day, Thunderful released a series of videos explaining Wavetail’s heartwarming story and its accompanying beautiful soundtrack is of.

In the first video, we meet narrator and co-writer Alexandra, who discusses how WaveTale is her first full-time writing project and how the player can experience a moving tale of loss and reconciliation. The second video introduces us to soundtrack composer Joel, who talks about his intentions and inspiration for the dynamic and melodic music in Wavetel. The Wavetails soundtrack will be available for streaming on 16 December.

In the third and final video we meet Elinor, concept and 2D artist for Wavetail. Elinor talks about her inspirations for Wavetail’s art style, such as Adventure Time’s Whimsical and Jamie Hewlett’s Gorillaz. Doris, Sigrid’s grandmother, is a character Elinor is particularly proud of and she can’t wait for players to experience all the hard work that went into making Wavetail.

In Wavetale, the adventure begins on the open ocean and craggy archipelago of Strandville, where you meet Sigrid, a teenage girl who lives on a small island with her strict grandmother. Sigrid befriends a mysterious shadow that gives her the power to walk on water and allows her to uncover the well-kept secrets of this mysterious, watery land.

Wavetails is available for PC, PlayStation and Switch from Monday 12th December and will be available for Xbox the following day on Tuesday 13th December.

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