From December to 99??: The Xbox Series X “Mini Fridge” Really Begins

From December to 99??: The Xbox Series X "Mini Fridge" Really Begins

The network mocked the design of the new Xbox generation, with Microsoft joking about the “console refrigerator”. NS xbox series x The “mini fridge” is really becoming a reality and will be available in stores soon.

Microsoft is turning the meme around console refrigerators into mini fridges

It’s a joke that’s been going on since the launch of the Xbox Series X, but now it’s getting really serious. Users compared the new console to a refrigerator because of its sleek exterior, joked Microsoft exactly a year ago. world premiere Of a genuine “Xbox Series X fridge”. But the joke was clearly over for Microsoft with the funny promo campaign. At this year’s E3, a mini fridge in Xbox Series X format was announced, and now it’s finally made official.

As Microsoft said in a press release today Explained, they teamed up with contract manufacturer Yuconic to produce the Xbox Series X “Mini Fridge”. The result: a relatively faithful replica of the console with associated LEDs and a characteristic hole structure at the top. The matte black mini tower should hold up to 12 cans, and snacks can also be stored on two shelves in the door. There is also a USB port on the front for charging devices.

around the world from December

The official product name, “Xbox Series X Replica Mini Fridge Thermoelectric Cooler,” will go on sale from October 19th and should be available again in December at various retailers. For Germany, they work with Game Stop EU as a sales partner. The Xbox meme that came true should cost 99 euros.

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