New Trailer Shows Character Class • Nintendo Connect

New Trailer Shows Character Class • Nintendo Connect

NIS America is releasing a new trailer that introduces the various character classes used. Obstacle 6: Overcoming Destiny Are available. In addition, content from Hololive DLC will be presented, which will be made available free of charge to all players upon release. You can watch the character trailer here:

Obstacle 6: Overcoming Destiny Combines a dark adventure with a compassionate storyline as well as incredibly tactical battles, including completely new gameplay elements that have never before been included in any of the titles in the Disaga series. Thanks to the new facilities, newcomers will quickly find their way around the Netherlands and will even have a truly remarkable and unique journey ahead of them in old dysgia-hands. Special attacks and multiple allied units as well as auto, retry and replay functions provide the perfect challenge for both hardcore and casual players – the game can be easily adapted. If, contrary to expectations, things don’t go as planned, Jade can join the fight again with Super Rebirth – until she becomes a little more successful: a terrific Netherlands experience guaranteed for every player!


  • From Grave to Pride: Help Jade improve her position and challenge the God of Destruction. Meet the crazy characters, explore the chaotic world and discover the strength and determination inherent in family relationships.
  • Immortal and Unstoppable: Experience incredible special attacks and hyper-tactical tactics to choose from a variety of allied characters. When things get too hairy, Super Rebirth is the perfect way to deal with things again.
  • A Netherlands for everyone: Play at home or anywhere! Adjustable gameplay features, such as auto, retry and replay, allow new and old players to customize their adventure as they wish. Getting started with Disgaea has never been easier!

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