Accident in the Persian Gulf: US Navy puts warning shots on Iranian boats

Accident in the Persian Gulf: US Navy puts warning shots on Iranian boats

Accident occurred in persian gulf
US Navy puts warning shots on Iranian boats

Three speedboats of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard go “with unknown intent” to American naval ships in the Persian Gulf. Iranian boats let only one American ship go after a warning shot. This is not the first event of this month.

In an incident in the Persian Gulf, a US Navy ship fired warning shots at three Iranian military boats. The speedboat of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard called the American ships “USS Firebolt” and “Baranoff” on Monday “quickly” and “with unknown intent” to within 62 meters, the US Navy announced. The crew of American ships first warned Iranian boats with radios and loudspeakers. When they came close, the crew of the “USS Firebolt” fired warning shots.

The US Navy said that after the warning was fired, the Revolutionary Guard’s speedboats drifted away and in a “safe distance” from American ships. He condemned the action of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. It stated, “There is an increased risk of a miscarriage and / or collision.” The commanders of American ships have the right to their own defense, emphasized the navy. According to US information, a similar incident took place on April 2.

Confrontation in the Persian Gulf occurred when negotiations were underway in Vienna regarding the revival of the international nuclear deal with Iran. Under then President Donald Trump, the US withdrew from the Vienna nuclear deal in 2018. Trump’s successor Joe Biden has indicated readiness to get his country back in the deal. In February, however, Biden insisted that Iran in turn would have to curtail its “volatile activities” in the Middle East and the Gulf region.

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