Beavers paralyzed the Internet in Canada

Beavers paralyzed the Internet in Canada

Berlin / Tumblr RidgeBeaver is the national animal of Canada and even has a regular place on five percent of the country’s coins. Such numerical respect is not synonymous with treating love in everyday life. In some parts of Canada, Canadian or American beavers (Castor canadensis) Is even considered as an insect. And to consider what is happening in the province of British Columbia Die bbc Report, you can guess why this is so.

According to this, parts of local rodents are suspected to have paralyzed the internet of the 2000 resident community of Tumblr Ridge. People were without reception for about 36 hours, and cell phones and cable TV were also disturbed. Responsible telecommunications provider Telus announced that parts of the underground cable that provided data to Tumblr Ridge were found in a Beaver Den. The evidence seems overwhelming.

Especially since crews discovered clear bite marks that could be handed over to beavers at multiple points on the fiber optic cable. There was talk of a “major damage”, in which the cables were foresighted buried one meter deep underground and further protected by a 12-centimeter-thick pipeline. But no problem for the beaver, completely white: it was also chewed.

Castor canadensis, A close relative of the European beaver, is known for the power of its ever growing incenders. Constant gnawing ensures a natural self-sharpness effect and a set of teeth that can conquer every tree and cable, no matter how hard. The national animal is loved by many Canadians for its ultimate environmental engineering skills, after all, its dam construction and harvesting work can be very important for biodiversity.

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Mayor: “Beavers will have to drive away”

At the same time, however, the animals suffer a great deal of damage, and farmers sometimes lay their hands on their heads, being left behind on crops and trees. A few weeks ago, the Mayor of Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, Quebec community, blamed beavers for widespread flooding that damaged homes and infrastructure. About 800 otters built about 200 dams in the village, and Mayor Tom Arnold settled. laut CBC News Be overcome to say, “This is a problem we need to get rid of.” Beavers will have to drive away. “

Well, this is how far we are on the North American continent: during the time of settlement by Europeans, beaver hair and beaver fur became a sought-after commodity. At the height of the fur trade, approximately 200,000 beaver sieve were exported to Europe annually. Trade declined rapidly around 1900, and by the end there were hardly any animals left. Beaver populations ceased to exist in many areas of North America in the first half of the 20th century.

Only around 1930, a rethink in Canada began slowly. Beaver hunting was banned for many years and the population recovered. Today there is a healthy beaver population almost everywhere in the country. While there is rarely a conflict with humans in populated areas, people in other areas do not shy away from fighting animals when dam construction is becoming increasingly annoying.

Therefore rodents in Tumblr Ridge should be kept away from telecommunications infrastructure in future. Residents are now back online. “If you can read it, the Internet has been restored,” a local news site quipped after the beaver damage was fixed.

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