Google and Amazon: Manufacturers can use Android TV and Fire TV

Google and Amazon: Manufacturers can use Android TV and Fire TV

had to do before smart tv manufacturer Decide whether to bring your harvest with you android tv either fire tv Equipped. We shall Google And heroine Agreed to give corporations more freedom of choice. In future, producers may offer television with both the platforms.

If you want to use the Android mobile operating system with Google services on your devices, you will need to sign an agreement with the search engine group. The agreement stipulates that manufacturers are prohibited from equipping the products with any other software. The ban does not only apply to smartphones, but also to smart TVs and other devices. So TV makers who want to install Android TV on their TV are not allowed to use Amazon’s Fire TV at the same time. This contractual clause is said to have now been removed and is no longer applicable.

noisy manners Google and Amazon have reached an agreement, allowing Google to remove the non-compete clause from the contracts. However, it is still not clear on what terms the agreement was reached. So far, the search engine group and online mail order company have yet to officially comment on the subject.

Since Amazon Fire TV OS is a fork of the Google Android operating system, it is likely that the company will continue to criticize Fire TV devices. Google has a policy to prevent mobile operating systems from being split into separate forks.

At least seven TV makers affected

At least seven manufacturers could benefit from the agreement. Apart from HiSense, TCL and Xiaomi may also launch both the devices with Android TVs and televisions with Amazon operating system. It remains to be seen if and when the models with Fire TV OS will actually appear.

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