The PC gamer’s nightmare is finally over

The PC gamer's nightmare is finally over

The new Windows Update finally addresses a huge problem for PC gamers. (Image: Spieltips / Getty Images – Procedo)

As of now, PC gamers should avoid the current version of Windows 11 22H2. But now Microsoft is giving the all-clear. Bug found and fixed – performance problems in games should finally be history.

Windows 11 Update: PC gamers can breathe easy

It’s never easy for early adopters, especially when it comes to a new version of Windows. PC gamers who already had the 22H2 update installed on Windows 11, complained of performance problems in some games after their switch, Microsoft investigated the reports and determined that the problem was indeed caused by the patch and immediately stopped distributing the faulty update (more details below).

Now, however, the all-clear has been given: a glance at the health dashboard shows that Microsoft has resolved the bug with the KB5020044 update, As of December 14, automatic delivery of updates has been resumed. According to Microsoft, it may take up to 48 hours for the update to find its way onto your system (source: Windows Health Dashboard,

who wanted, Can also initiate update manually,

  • Opens the search bar in Windows 11 (Windows key + S).
  • Type in “settings” and launch the associated Settings app.
  • Navigate to “Update & Security > Windows Update”.
  • Now locate the section “Optional updates available” and start downloading and installing the new update.

After the installation is complete, performance issues on Windows 11 should finally be history.

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Original article:

Windows error causes poor gaming performance

Never trust the latest Windows Update! This mantra is still followed by many PC gamers today – and with good reason. Because the past has often proven that the latest Windows version is almost never the best. Bugs tend to creep into major updates, which are then fixed with hotfixes and patches.

but also New Windows 11 Version 22H2 This rule can be applied. Since the update, some players have complained about severe performance losses in games, which are noticeable through a strong reduction in frame rates. In short: your games run less smoothly,

And really, recent Windows updates seem to be to blame. because microsoft has a problem already officially confirmed Found more reasons:

“The affected games and applications inadvertently enabled non-consumer GPU performance debugging features.” (Source: Microsoft,

Not sure Windows 11 still runs on your old carrot? GIGA colleagues tell you in the video how you can quickly and easily find out:

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Windows Update Delivery Stopped

To ensure that even more gaming PCs don’t lose performance in games due to the update, Automatic distribution of the new Windows version 22H2 to vulnerable devices has been stopped,

However, if you have already switched to the newer version and are also facing performance issues, you now have three options:

  • on one Windows Hotfix from Microsoft to wait.
  • hope a driver or game updates solves the problem.
  • that undo windows update And use the old system restore point.

in the meantime Microsoft recommends for all Windows usersThose who have not yet switched to 22H2 should not initiate the update manually in Settings or through the Media Creation Tool.

The company has also assured already working on a solution And will integrate them in future updates. However, as of now, PC gamers should avoid Windows 11 2H22.

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