WWE Friday Night SmackDown #1214 Results & Reports from St. Louis, Missouri, USA on 10/28/2022 (including polling)

WWE Friday Night SmackDown #1145 Results and Reports from 07/30/2021 from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (including video and polling)

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World Wrestling Entertainment “Friday Night SmackDown #1214”
Location: Enterprise Center in St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Date: October 28, 2022

Welcome us to SmackDown before Michael Cole enters the ring. During the entrances, we see Bloodline’s attacks on Sheamus from last week, as well as Je Uso’s attack on Logan Paul. As Bloodline prepares for their match, Sami Zayn is the spokesperson. Roman Reigns is not seen there yet.

1. Match
tag team match
The Brawling Brutes (Butch and Ridge Holland) defeated Sami Zayn and Solo Sequoia (w/The Usos: Jimmy and Jay Uso) via pin from Butch to Zayn after a roll-in.
Match Time: 11:52

– The Usos kept distracting attention in the match.
– Sami Zayn had set a trap for Butch and was ready to jump, but Jay Uso kicked him out of the ring, causing a lot of discussion on Bloodline. As Zayn returned to the ring, he curled up.

Even after the match, the discussion of Bloodline continues, everyone is unhappy with Je Uso. At this inappropriate time, the tribal chief’s music plays. Roman Reigns enters the hall with Paul Heyman. “ST. Louis. Accept me”, the table ends, the audience cheers. Reigns wants to go straight to the problems of the bloodline. If you’re treated like a kid, you’re treated the same. He urges Zayn and Jay to talk to Uso about their problems so they can be resolved now. Zayn grabs a microphone and admits that there have been communication issues with Jay recently. He Likes Jay, but since Zayn is part of the bloodline, it looks like he has a problem with him. Heyman pats him on the shoulder when Zayn says he just wants to be with Jay and asks him to shake a hand But Jay says he can’t stand Zayn. He doesn’t want Zayn with his family anymore. He doesn’t belong and will never be “him.” No one in Bloodline likes Zayn Zain says he just wants peace like tribal chief says. Jay says he doesn’t care what tribal chief says. Reigns begins and turns to the audience shouting “You’re a mess”. Zayn tries to defend her, saying that Jay hasn’t been “the same” much lately. This word makes the whole bloodline out of character. Roman tells Jay to quickly find his “UC” or he will make Zayn a full member of the group. Then he would be called Sami Uso. Jay is still struggling to laugh, Jimmy laughs for a few seconds. A strange, unintentionally funny, but amusing segment. Paul Heyman says that Roman Reigns has now finished this segment and is promoting his match against Logan Paul in Saudi Arabia. Paul’s mention causes a loud boom.

Another mysterious video is shown. Valhalla is waiting.

During the next few moves, the New Day talks about the Usos and explains that they still have the longest title of any tag team.

2. Match
tag team match
The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) defeated Maximum Male Models (man.soor & ma.ce w/Maxxine Dupri) via a Woods pin at Man.Soor after a double team move.
Match Time: 03:44

Kayla Braxton is hosting Sonya Deville. The Devil is asked if she will accept Ronda Rousey’s open challenge. Devil takes this opportunity to defame Liv Morgan, who doesn’t listen to him and attacks Devil. A dispute breaks out which requires a lot of effort to stop.

Braun Strowman is backstage and says there is always someone bigger and stronger. Omos is definitely bigger, but stronger? Strowman isn’t convinced yet. He is looking forward to his match at Crown Jewel. There will be no bigger monsters for Strowman.

Ronda Rousey comes out with two blue lightning bolts painted on her face. She says that the title is back where it is. He is in the mood to issue an open challenge before insulting the audience. Rousey tells his opponent to come out. Emma comes out celebrating her return to WWE.

SmackDown Women’s Championship
singles match
Ronda Rousey defeated Emma via submission to the armbar.
Match Time: 06:50

Rousey played the match very well.

The Usos must defend their Tag Team Championship against the Brawling Brutes at Crown Jewel.

Je Uso is arguing backstage with Paul Heyman, who won’t let him through to the rule. But Heyman promises to be there for her forever.

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Ronda Rousey is backstage, Shayna Baszler congratulates Natalya before she arrives and says that if she had accepted the challenge, she would now be the champion. Before she could continue to talk, however, Baszler knocks her out and drops her on the ground.

In the match flow we see that Hit Row was attacked by Legado three weeks ago. Today is a 6-man tag team match, which will take place now.

4. Match
6-Men Tag Team Match
Legado del Fantasama (Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde & Cruz del Toro w/ Zelina Vega) hit row (Top Dola and Eshante Thee Adonis w/ B-FAB) and Shinsuke Nakamura via pin from Nakamura to Escobar after Kinshasa.
Match Time: At least 04:20 (Match started in Advertisement)

Paul Heyman asks Roman Reigns to watch a clip of Logan Paul’s workout. Reigns doesn’t understand why they are watching the video. Heyman warns about Logan Paul and becomes more and more nervous as the story progresses, thanks Reigns and leaves the cabin. But Reigns remains thoughtful.

Kayla Braxton has an L.A. Night in for an interview but is quickly interrupted by Ricochet. He advises her not to pretend that she is God’s gift to SmackDown. But Knight thinks he is.

Carrion Cross landed in the ring, his first appearance since Drew McIntyre’s attacks a few weeks ago.

singles match
Carrion Cross (w/ Scarlett) defeated Madcap Moss by pinfall.
Match Time: 09:31

After the match, Cross leads Moss into his Cross jacket. He holds a microphone in his hand and says that Moss fought better than Drew McIntyre because he is not as cowardly as the Scotsman. He promises to defeat her at the Crown Jewel as well. The referee cannot untie Cross’s jacket, but eventually Cross lets go.

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We see Bray Wyatt. He’ll talk about his demons after the next ad.

But first we see a video segment of a premium live event in Saudi Arabia, in which Wade Barrett and Michael Cole go through the match card.

Kayla Braxton also has another guest – Rey Mysterio. He would challenge Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship in the next edition. There isn’t much he can say before he is torn apart by the Imperium and takes a brutal bite from Gunther.

Next week’s match card will also be discussed:

Intercontinental Championship
singles match
Gunther (c) vs Rey Mysterio

no disqualification singles match
Sonya Deville vs Liv Morgan

Now it is the turn of Bray Wyatt, who has again entered the field from his doorstep to good reactions. Once in the ring, he is greeted with slogans of “Welcome Back” and is said to be full of adrenaline. Fans made him feel invincible. But he wants to show them something they’re very proud of: Bray Wyatt without the mask, the very best version of Bray Wyatt. He is proud to be here and has promised to show something great. He addresses his demons because he is a person who is not always in control. Sometimes he doesn’t feel anything, sometimes he is in “dark places”. But this is what makes him special. He is not afraid to do terrible things. The lights go off, a figure in a mask and top hat appears on the screen and says that he is just a shadow of himself and calls Wyatt a liar. Wyatt still wears a mask and can never hide from it. Before him, his uncle had given the name Howdy. Another QR code was also shown, with Uncle Howdy ending the version of SmackDown.

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