More nerfs and a speed buff for Hall of Valor

More nerfs and a speed buff for Hall of Valor

From Philip Sattler ,
Mythic Plus Dungeon Trials are currently running on the WoW: Dragonflight beta server. In this context, the returning Legion Dungeon Hall of Valor had to collect the next round of nerfs.

When the first Mythic Plus season in WoW: Dragonflight begins, we only get four new dungeons. The other four examples from season one will be familiar dungeons from previous expansions. It contains the Legion’s Hall of Valor. One of the crunchiest dungeons out there at the time, developers currently have to put in a lot of work to bring it to the level of other examples. This already leads to various nerfs during the beta.

The next nerfs has now been announced along with the current Mythic Plus dungeon testing on the beta server. These mainly affect the final boss: God-King Schowald. It now deals slightly less damage, has a shorter range and generally makes it easier for you to dodge its attacks. Plus, the developers have set up a speed buff that will take you to the third boss after you defeat the second boss. A nice bonus for not having so much downtime during M+ runs.

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