Chrome browser crashes on Windows 10 due to error

Chrome browser crashes on Windows 10 due to error

In the past few days, many Internet users around the world have reported an spontaneous crash in Google’s Chrome browser. Windows computers were particularly affected.

About two weeks ago, Google released version 90, the latest update to its Chrome browser. In the past few days, many users around the world have reported previously unknown bugs.

As first reported by the “Windows Latest” online portal, the browser of many of the affected people accidentally and regularly crashed for no apparent reason. A user on the Reddit portal wrote, “Fifteen minutes ago, Google Chrome stopped working for me from anywhere. My extensions crashed and all pages (including settings such as Chrome Pages) refused to load. ”

Apparently only Windows 10 users are affected

Windows 10 users and some Linux users are particularly affected by the problem, as “Windows Latest” writes. It seems that MacOS users have not yet encountered the error. The cause of the crash relates to a local Chrome folder, in which user data, browser extensions, and configuration settings are saved, as reported by a Google product expert in the Chrome Support Forum.

Google later confirmed this and also released an update to fix the bug. Accordingly, affected people should open the browser – even if this page is not displayed correctly – and wait a few minutes. Then the browser should be closed and restarted. Accidents must now be resolved.

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