Cult Box in the 1950s: The Citron Berlingo 2CV Comes in Forgotten Retro Style

Cult Box in the 1950s: The Citron Berlingo 2CV Comes in Forgotten Retro Style

Cult Box with a 1950s Look
Citron Berlingo 2CV arrives in Forgotten retro style

The Citron Berlingo actually resembles a high-roof station wagon today. But the add-on parts made of fiberglass can now make it a likable cult box if you want. With the retro trim, it looks like a Citron 2 CV Fourgonnette van from 1951. It can be ordered from October.

In 2017, Italian coachbuilder Casalani Automobili revived the legendary Citron Type H corrugated iron van with the help of a conversion kit for the Citron Jumper. The Italians, in collaboration with designer David Obendorfer, have now even tailored a retro panel for the current Citron Berlingo, which in its new livery resembles the Citron 2CV Forgotten small transporter from 1951. (Forgotten is French for delivery van.) The vehicle can be ordered as a special model from Berlingo from early October.

On the flanks and rear, new paneling parts ensure the classic corrugated iron look.

(Photo: Citroen)

The conversion kit can be combined with all Berlingo body variants and drives. This also applies to the purely electric powered version of the van. The 1950s look is mainly due to the body panels made of glass-fibre-reinforced plastic parts mounted on sheet metal skin, ensuring the historic corrugated sheet metal look on the flanks, rear and bonnet.

In addition, the square headlights on the Berlingo are replaced by round lights. Chrome trim, classic-style wheels and grille complete the retro styling.

Second invoice from dealer for conversion


The front features round headlights and a radiator grille in 2CV optics.

(Photo: Citroen)

Officially, orders for the Citron Berlingo 2CV Forgotten will be accepted from October 1, and deliveries will begin in early 2023. Interested parties can contact Caslani directly for the conversion or order it from a Citroen dealer.

The dealer will then present to the customer another invoice for conversion in addition to the invoice for the new Berlingo. In the simplest version, it should cost around 10,000 euros, and at least 26,300 euros will also be due for a new Berlingo. Accordingly, the special model 2CV Forgotten will start at just under 40,000 Euros.

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