is it still ok kayla is a teacher and this is her work clothes

Parents Aren’t Too Excited About XXL Breasts

is it still ok kayla is a teacher and this is her work clothes

Kayla Lemieux from Canada was born as a male, now works as a teacher. Parents are anything but excited about their XXL breasts.

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What is particularly striking about Kayla Lemieux? There is no need to discuss this in detail! With her XXL breasts and transparent top, she grabs everyone’s attention. The Canadian was born as a man, thanks to numerous operations and breast prostheses, she became a woman who apparently feels well. But not everyone likes the look – after all, Kayla works as a high school teacher and looks the same during class hours. Parents are not very enthusiastic and in arms about unusual work clothes, where the nipples also shine. Kayla’s look is also discussed a lot online. Should a teacher look like this?

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What’s Behind Kayla’s XXL Breasts?

Frankfurt transwoman Patrick Mast also criticized Kayla’s appearance. In general, as they say in an RTL interview, transsexual women don’t want to attract too much attention: “I have many, many transsexual women in my circle of friends and acquaintances and I am always in conversation with them. And they all say very clearly that their goal is not to be perceived as a transsexual woman in society, but to disappear as a woman in the crowd, so to speak.” He thinks that XXL breasts and Canada’s Kayla can rest on a fetish behind the teacher’s transparent top.

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In the end, only Kayla will know what’s behind her unusual looks. (VDU)

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