Indie World Presentation Unveils Various New Features for Nintendo Switch • Nintendo Connect

Indie World Presentation Unveils Various New Features for Nintendo Switch • Nintendo Connect

The last Indie World presentation consisted of 20 indie games, four of which were released yesterday. have already appeared mini motorway, sound matter, Opus: Starsong Ki Echo – Full Bloom Edition And Gibbon: Beyond the Trees,

In the current Indie World presentation, Nintendo, along with partner studios and publishers around the world, revealed new details about 20 indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch. Highlights of the presentation include Another Crab TreasureBeginning with Agro Crab, an underwater spirits and development studio, as well wildfrostA tactical roguelike in which players must customize their deck of cards to melt the eternal ice.

In addition, the following will be presented: ironheadAn electrifying platformer full of tricky brain teasers, Gather: Lost HeavenA non-linear, interplanetary action role-playing game as well Totally accurate battle simulator, a (not quite) “perfectly accurate” version of the simulation strategy game. The full Indie World presentation can be viewed on Nintendo’s YouTube channel and at:

Overview of the innovations presented in detail

More indie games from Indie World Presentation

Topic start date
card shark Pre-order and demo starting today
idle manager 25 August 2022
Oneshot: World Machine Edition summer 2022
damned for golf summer 2022
A Guide Book of Babylon autumn 2022

Is there an indie title you’ve been specifically looking forward to? Write us in the comments!

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