Ultimate Nintendo Switch Coming • Nintendo Connect

Ultimate Nintendo Switch Coming • Nintendo Connect

as part of the Sonic Central-Events done Sonic Colors: Ultimate declare. A very good sonic game came out in the Wii era called Sound color And it’s now coming as the “final” version Nintendo Switch. More precisely on September 7, 2021. The game is developed by Studio Blind Squirrel Entertainment. You give the classic “a new coat of thanks thanks to breathtaking graphics, additional functions, a new mode, and improved gameplay mechanics”.

Sound color, As in Japan and North America Sound color Sonic is a 3D platforming video game developed by Team and Dimps and was published by SEGA in November 2010 for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. It is the heir Sonic Unleashed (2007) and predecessor of predecessor Sound Generation Generation (2011).

Experience a full high-speed adventure! The wicked Dr. Eggman has built a huge interstellar amusement park, filled with crazy rides and colorful attractions – but the facilities are operated with the help of a slave alien race, the “Wisps”. Sonic uses his speed to unleash Wisps and discover the secrets behind his power. Six colorful worlds are waiting to be discovered, each one with dangerous enemies and obstacles. Sonic faces an incomparable test. The mysterious powers of the Wisps give him the special abilities necessary to face challenges. Sonic Colors: Ultimate to pass! Modified graphics, hot features, improved gameplay and a new mode ensure the ultimate sonic colors experience!


  • Sonic’s speed and unstoppable action: Accelerate adrenaline-pumping speeds, zoom through challenging worlds and maneuver Sonic through dangerous obstacles. Plan your attacks thoroughly, and thus charge your boost to reach super sonic speed.
  • Interstellar Amusement Park: Discover and experience the fascinating surroundings, for example the sweet mountains, which are filled with all kinds of sweets, or the Aquarium Park, which has countless pools full of sea creatures. All the parks and attractions are located around the mysterious Astro Amusement Park.
  • Wisp power-ups: Sonic improves his skills using Wisps’ supernatural powers. They can be used to defeat enemies as well as uncover the secrets that cloud the Interstellar Amusement Park. With Ghost Wisp, huge objects can also be pierced and alternative paths can be discovered.
  • better than ever: Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. Sonic Colors: Ultimate is colorful and trumps with revised graphics, sophisticated controls, and many other gameplay upgrades. Thanks to the backward compatibility, the title was replaced by PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | Can also be run on s.
  • “Rival-Rush” -Mode: Test your skills against Metal-Sonic. Defeat it to unlock more rewards.
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Sonic Colors: Ultimate PlayStation 4 will be available for Xbox One consoles and on September 7, 2021 Nintendo Switch Has been published in stores. The retail version also includes a special baby sonic keyring.

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