Drain Problems in Toronto – What to Do If Your Drain Line Appears to Be Broken

How often do you think about the sewer line on your property? If you’re like many people, you barely think about it or don’t think about it at all. If it’s working as it should, there’s no reason to dwell on the issue. But if there are any problems, you’ll want to call a plumber right away. Here’s a look at some issues you might face and what to do.

What Signs Suggest that a Sewer Line Might be Broken?

If your sewer line is broken, you’ll experience issues with your drainage system. These signs that could require drain replacement include the following:

  1. A clogged pipe
  2. Sewer smell entering your home
  3. Lawn patches that are greener than other sections of your lawn
  4. Mold forming on your ceiling, floor, and walls.
  5. Regular drain backup
  6. Slow draining water
  7. Gurgling in your toilet when you flush it

A drain replacement in Toronto or some other drain line services can rectify the issue. There are instances, however, where the solution might entail a complete sewer line replacement. You’ll want to get a licensed plumber to assess the problem and find the best solution. Keep reading to learn about the causes of sewer line problems.

Top 3 Reasons Sewer Lines Get Damaged

1. Grease and Fat Build Up

Blocked drains are usually the result of people disposing of fat and grease down the sink drain. It can happen when washing pots, plates, and utensils. Grease and fat accumulate inside the pipe and eventually block the flow of water, which leads to backup problems.

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2. Tree Roots Intrusion to Drain Pipes

Small cracks or leaks in your buried pipes can serve as an entry point for tree roots. As the tree roots penetrate the cracks, they will exacerbate any existing problems. The damage to the plumbing system will, among other things, reduce water flow.

3. Clogged Pipes Because of Debris and Foreign Objects

You need to do everything you can to keep debris and foreign objects out of your pipes. These things will lead to blockages that impede the flow of water. It can lead to the overflow of sewage.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Vs. Traditional: What’s The Difference?

Traditional Sewer Repair

The traditional sewer repair involves excavating the area around the broken portion of the pipe that could cause damage to the streets, sidewalks, landscape, and buildings near the vicinity. Once the broken pipe is uncovered, the plumber will cut out the broken section and replace it with a new piece. This is usually a multi-day process, which means businesses and homeowners in the affected area might be without water for days.

After the work is done, the workers will rebury the exposed pipes. Since the process is labor-intensive, it’s also expensive. It also requires the use of industrial equipment.

Trenchless Drain Repair

The trenchless drain repair method doesn’t require excavation work that will destroy landscaping. Plumbers use two different strategies for trenchless drain repairs, namely the pipe bursting method and the pipe relining method.

Trenchless Drain Repair vs Traditional Drain Repair

The benefits of trenchless drain repair for Toronto homeowners include the following:

  • Time: It can take several days to finish a drain repair the traditional way. Trenchless plumbing, however, can usually be completed in one day. The parts of the job that will take the most time are the pipe video inspection and the process of digging small holes at either end of the pipe.
  • Quality: Trenchless repair requires joint-free seamless pipes, which means your odds of experiencing issues in the future are less than if you have traditional pipes. Seamless pipes are constructed out of HDPE, a material that is durable and should last for decades.
  • Function: Less maintenance is required for seamless pipes used in a trenchless repair. The flow capacity is likely to be better as well.
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Final Wrap Up

Fixing a broken sewer does not necessarily mean an invasive excavation strategy anymore. Trenchless sewer repair affords various options for resolving sewer problems without having to excavate the area.

It’s easy to take your sewer line for granted, but it’s best to know what signs suggest there could be a problem. Get your drains inspected by a licensed plumber if you experience any issues. The drain replacement Toronto professional will advise whether you need a replacement or a repair. Routine inspections will often nip problems in the bud and prevent small issues from growing into big and expensive problems.

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