When does Apple deliver professional tablets?

When does Apple deliver professional tablets?

Apple Did it in the last week iPad Pro (2021) Officially Announced. At the same time, the date of pre-orders was also mentioned. Apple will accept it from Friday, April 30, 2021. In-house stores, there is a discussion of delivery of the iPad Pro from the “second half of May”.

iPad Pro: Delivery from the end of May

I want a more accurate answer now John proser Received from their informants. According to Leaker, the iPad Pro will be delivered in a 12.9-inch format starting May 21. Apple uses better display technology for larger models than the smaller iPad Pro. Small supply The pills According to Prosser’s sources, May 22 should start off wonderfully. This is not just a one-day difference in delivery of the iPad Pro which is unusual. Also, 22 May is a Saturday. Apple usually does not start shipping new products over the weekend.

One reason for official delivery dates, for instance, may be the delay in the production of suppliers or tablets. For example, there have been reports that Apple suppliers were having difficulty producing mini-LED displays on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. However, these should now be resolved. But global supply bottlenecks for processors can also become a problem for Apple.

The iPad Pro is not Apple’s only new product that currently has no specific date for first delivery. This also New 24-inch iMac Should be given in the “second half of May”. Pre-orders will also start here from April 30.

In addition to hardware, Apple has also introduced new software. Is for iPhones and iPads Updates for new versions of iOS and iPadOS from today.

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