Buy PS5: Replenishment from Amazon? places for the weekend

Buy PS5: Replenishment from Amazon?  places for the weekend
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Amazon’s online shop is actually a reliable source of supplies for the PS5 console. We give you an insight into what you can expect over the weekend.

Update from January 8, 2022, 9:26 am: The first week of the new year is coming to an end and unfortunately it still doesn’t look good for those who haven’t bought the PS5 yet. Even at online giant Amazon, there has been a lull around the new PlayStation 5 console in the first week of 2022. According to our research, there should still be 15,000 consoles in German camps that have not yet been brought in, either male or female.

The last fall occurred just after Christmas on December 28 last year and was quite disappointing given the size of retailer Amazon. It’s also happened more frequently in the past year that Amazon split the supply of new consoles into multiple deliveries over a shorter period of time. So we still look at the situation in the new week quite positively. The chances of a PS5 dropping only this weekend are non-existent. Anyone who wants to put the PS5 on their watch list can do so here.

Buy PS5 on Amazon: Quiet before the next mega-drop?

Update from January 6, 2022, 1:45 pm.The situation surrounding the PS5 on Amazon remains lax. However, you can clear at any other point. We present you the best offers for PS5: 7 deals for PS5 on Amazon that you should not miss

Update Jan 4th, 2022 at 09:08 am: This week could show whether Amazon will return to its old strength or whether consoles will remain dry. The last time was on 28 December. Replenishment from Amazon. The decline there was less than expected. If it continues this week, it will add up to the old times, as Amazon brings in supplies about twice a month during the summer time. It has been quiet since November. So the week may point towards a good direction for 2022.

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Update from 01/02/2022: New consoles on Amazon on January 3rd? At present, many speculations are being made in the scene regarding this. According to reports from insiders, the world’s largest mail order company still has 15,000 unsold PS5 consoles. The last drop on December 28 was probably less than expected. For the new week, the chances of getting supplies from Amazon are pretty good.

However, it remains doubtful whether it will go directly to the digital counter on Monday. Amazon tends to sell the PS5 more in the middle of the week and less frequently at the start of the new week. According to statistics, Wednesday and Friday are the days with the most PlayStation sales at the shipping giant. Still, you should keep an eye on Amazon tomorrow.

HAMBURG – The Sony PS5 hasn’t been sold on Amazon for weeks. We had to wait for about two months for the supplies. Then finally there were consoles, but the amount was small and within minutes everything was out of stock again. Since then, you haven’t heard from Amazon, but the next replenishment is due soon. We’ll let you know what the current replenishment status is at Amazon and when the new consoles might be out.

console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
producer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type stationary game console
generation 09. Console Generation
storage medium Blu-ray, SSD
release 19. November 2020

PS5 Buy: Amazon As A Replenishment Giant – Drought Over The Last Few Weeks

When was the last time you got a refill from Amazon? The last consoles were on Amazon on December 28. sold. But there was a comparatively small drop with the PS5 at around 5,000. This was Amazon’s first replenishment since October, which is why the disappointment about the size of the fall was pretty disappointing. The all-important links for buying PS5 on Amazon can be found here:

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When can you expect the new console? Insiders reported after Christmas that Amazon will have about 20,000 consoles shipped. But only about 5,000 PS5s were sold. If you believe the insider, 15,000 PS5s will still be sleeping in Amazon’s warehouses. So an early downtrend is conceivable.

In general, until October, Amazon was known to sell refreshed consoles several times a month. This was followed by a two-month dry spell, but now it may finally come to an end. We expect Amazon to sell the new PS5s in early January.

Fall days on Amazon are primarily Wednesdays and sometimes Fridays. Supplies are always available between 9:00 am to 10:15 am. So keep your eyes peeled, especially these days, as Amazon remains a hot candidate for PS5 replenishment.

Buy PS5: Amazon with supplies before the end of the year – so this will continue into 2022.

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Buy PS5: Important Tips for Buying a Console on Amazon

This is how you can get PS5 more easily on Amazon: In most cases, the PS5 is only sold on Amazon to Prime customers. So if you want to strike out here, you need an Amazon Prime account. It’s also worth adding the console to your wish list. This should increase the possibilities.

Also make sure you don’t buy the PS5 through Amazon from third-party suppliers, but directly from Amazon itself. Third-party suppliers use Droplets to offer their higher-value consoles. On Amazon itself, the PS5 can always be bought for the usual prices of 399 euros (digital version) and 499 euros (disc version). We’ve summarized the general situation surrounding the PS5 in another article.

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