Lossless feature causes bug with Apple Music

Lossless feature causes bug with Apple Music

There’s a problem with Apple Music with the relatively new lossless feature that can play music without loss of quality. Not all users are affected, but in many cases it may happen that a song stops after 15 seconds and then the next track comes, where this bug continues.

Apple Music works flawlessly with the bug

In early June, Apple introduced the so-called lossless function for the Apple Music service. Lossless means lossless – music is played in a typically high quality with no audible loss of quality compared to the original. Apple is currently expanding its repertoire with lossless songs – by the end of the year, all the pieces on offer should be available as lossless versions as well. As Golem also reports, there is a bug when using this feature. If the lossless function is activated, it may happen that all songs stop after 15 seconds. You go to the next song in the playlist, which still has the problem. In this case, Apple recommends turning the function off and on frequently. Another trick is to log out of the account and then log back in. However, some users report that it does not help, at least not permanently.

Obviously, it doesn’t matter if the music is already available offline or is played as a stream from the Internet. The problem also occurs through a variety of playback options, i.e. through the app on the iPhone or iPad, but also through speakers that are compatible with Apple Music or Airplay. On the other hand, since many users do not have this problem, it is still a mystery what exactly it could be. An error would be conceivable in the program line coming in the update required to debut Lossless in Apple Music — but it’s clearly not an error that only has to do with the iPhone app, for example.

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