Canada: Extreme heat in the west of the country

Canada: Extreme heat in the west of the country

Dream summer, you can think of these pictures of Canada. But what is currently happening in the west of the country is extreme and has dire consequences. The record temperature at some places was around 50 degrees Celsius, which is about 15 degrees above normal.

alex fraser
»It doesn’t sound like Vancouver, but it is an interesting experience. Being outside is fun, but we only drink gallons of water the whole time.«

Because if you don’t drink enough alcohol or you have any chronic disease, you put your life at risk. According to officials, so far 69 people have died in Vancouver alone. Several air-conditioned centers have been set up in the metropolis where people can get relief from the heat.

Verna Fischer is currently in Edmonton paying special attention to the homeless in the city.

Verna Fischer, social worker
“A lot of people will come to the hospital and get really sick because some people don’t know how to protect themselves.”

Plumbing companies currently have a lot to do in Canada: People who can afford it can install air conditioning.

Ryan Wandler, employee of a heating and plumbing company
“It is four times the normal in June. Usually summer doesn’t really start until July or August. It’s beyond anything we’ve known before.”

Some of the effects of a heat wave will be felt only in a few months – crop failure, for example.

Lynn Jacobson, President of the Alberta Agricultural Association
»Yields will remain below average over the long term, far below it in many regions.«

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Another consequence of the heat is the risk of wildfires. Fires have already broken out in several Canadian states.

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