HomePod: Problem with speech recognition since iOS 15.2

HomePod: New Software 15.2 with Support for Apple Music Voice Subscription

Recently, Apple upgraded its mobile operating system to iOS 15.2, and smart speakers, HomePod and HomePod mini have been updated as well. Among other things, you’re built to fit the new Apple Music Voice subscription and recognize different people in the household. However, it seems that there are some issues with the new software versions.

Over the past few days, I’ve also wondered over and over again why my HomePod Mini keeps refusing to work when I talk to the apartment. Siri is very devious and explains to me, for example, when I command to activate HomeKit view, “Oh dear, there is a problem. Please try again.” Siri does not tell exactly what the problem is. If I try to start the same scene through Siri on the iPhone, everything works as usual.

In addition to refusing to run shortcuts or third-party services, iPhone search or creating reminders is often restricted. Reference is made to other applications, although Siri can actually execute these types of voice commands directly: “You’ll need to continue in one of these apps. Tap the one you want to open.” ​—Airtags also not found: “I’m sorry, I still have connection problems,” hence the announcement of Siri. Other inquiries, for example about calculators or conversions, between me and my HomePod mini also work together.

Resetting HomePod doesn’t improve

Incidentally, the problems occur equally on the larger HomePods and on the newer HomePod Mini. in german apple support forum There are already several entries from users complaining of problems with the latest software on iOS 15.2 and HomePods. A complete reset of the speaker doesn’t make any difference.

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Apple has yet to comment on the issue. It is to be hoped that with an update speech recognition problems can be resolved quickly. Because there really should be improvements in terms of speech recognition with iOS 15.2 – and not a dramatic drop.

Do you also have problems with speech recognition on your HomePods? If so, what model are you using and how does the problem appear? Please leave a comment.

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