“Jelly Scroll” on the iPad mini general LCD effect › ifun.de

"Jelly Scroll" on the iPad mini general LCD effect › ifun.de

Apple has commented on the so-called “jelly scroll” effect on the new iPad mini. front of technology blog ArsTechnica The company announced that this is normal behavior for LCD screens. This is because the screen is updated line by line, the associated minimum delay can cause such effects.

In its explanation, Apple does not explain why this effect occurs only on the new 6th generation iPad mini, but not on other devices with comparable 60 Hz screens, for example the current iPad Air 4 or 10 , with 2 inches New standard iPad screen size. Not only does ArsTechnica interpret Apple’s statement that the manufacturer does not admit to a problem and thus wants to protect itself from the fact that device owners can claim exchange or repair services.

“Jelly Scrolls” Only Partially Perceptible

However, it must be said that with normal use the effect is barely noticeable. The video above shows a slow-motion shot of the effect, and ArsTechnica explains that they didn’t even notice it when the iPad Mini was originally reviewed.

Apple can’t complain if device buyers criticize this screen effect. With its outlandish quality standards, the company itself ensures that the bar is comparatively high here and you at least have to question why this display error occurs only with the new iPad mini.

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Apple has a new iPad mini Introduced on 14 September. The tiny tablet has been massively redesigned and, like the iPad Air 4, now comes with a full screen and a Touch ID sensor integrated into the standby button. The screen is an 8.3-inch “Liquid Retina Display” with a resolution of 2266 x 1488 pixels and a pixel density of 326 ppi.

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