NFTs in Metaverse – Forge and Multi-Metaverse Compatible Tokens

NFTs im Metaverse – Forj und die Multi-Metaverse-kompatiblen Token

Forge plans to be one of the first projects to use Metaverse and NFT technology to drive fan engagement and branding.

Have you always wanted to get the ultimate fan experience? So now you might get lucky with Forge. Bringing artists and fans together is in Forge’s DNA – joins the company NFT technology As well as the Metaverse branding.

“NFTs are the transition to true decentralization, which will lead us to stronger interactions with our brands and consumers. Consumers can be more owners and determine the direction of the brand.”

Forge CEO Charles Stanton tells us why he chose his platform as the winner of the big nft boom sees. Forge, formerly Bondly Finance, seeks to create a closer bond between fan and artist, primarily using blockchain elements in the metaverse. In addition, the platform already has partnerships with famous YouTuber Logan Paul or Grammy-nominated musician Lewis Capaldi.

“We were one of the first companies to launch NFT with a star. We invented the idea of ​​the utility of NFT – we even featured the first NFT album with musician Pella. We have been in space since 2020 and we have a lot of experience Is.”

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Among other things, the Charles Company helps companies whose brands im metaverse To get a foothold. Questions like: Where do I start? Which platform is right for my company? Which stage is the winner? As part of the Animoca Brands, Forge has full access to the Metaverse platform. This part of the Forge group is controlled through MetaPrint.

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For example, Animoca is a member of the Animoca Brands family., Most famous with, among other things, Decentraland metaverse Cryptocurrency scene and among the top 30 cryptocurrencies last year. Bandsintown is also one of the partners and makes it possible NFT As a certificate of participation in certain events.

An example:

Let’s say Nike wants to release a sneaker in the Metaverse. Then Metaprints (Forge Group) could start a joint project with different developers of the platforms using the same sneakers in all. metaverse To look like

“Our goal is to create interoperability between NFT assets. In the future, a company and its assets should ideally be usable across many different metaverses.”

While he believes there is still a long way to go, interested companies can work with Forge in the meantime. Companies must now take advantage of the opportunity to position themselves in the metaverse for the foreseeable future.

Forge can help identify the added value of a brand and establish it correctly in the metaverse. “We can do some training that increases the value of a company,” Charles says. he sees NFT And the Metaverse is an incredible opportunity for businesses because users have the freedom to present themselves as they wish. There is no limit to personal freedom.

Other features can also be found on Forge: Artists can build their projects on it nft launchpad Publish and benefit from the community.

Polkapets also belongs to the Forge Group. The NFT project supports participation in the Polkadot chain through partnerships. Charles is excited about the future of Forge and the Metaverse:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if at least 20 percent of all people have lived in the metaverse over the next 3 to 5 years.”


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