Audience outraged by Kiwi’s statements and suspicious scenes

Audience outraged by Kiwi's statements and suspicious scenes

One viewer now commented on Twitter: “Fly from Israel to Mainz on a week-by-week special ‘TV Garden’.” “That’s why ‘Friday for the Future’ is never a television garden,” he said. Another person put it this way: “The kiwi flies over Israel every now and then for a special show and then flies back again. What an environment sown.” And this user commented, “Yeah! Kiwis mention their huge carbon footprint!”

After a while another situation surfaced which made a lot of headlines on Twitter. For a practical exercise, mental trainer Buschab asked the audience to stand up, extend their right arm, and move it backwards to the right. This then needs to be repeated in imagination and then in reality – an exercise in finding your own limits.


One viewer hit the keys straight on Twitter: “‘Spread your right arm’ on TV. Seriously?” This person saw it this way: “Stretch your right hand on the TV, rather dangerous.”

There were many other tweets in this direction, such as this one:

A user shared a screenshot of the situation:

At least out of context, the scene could have looked strange, as one user insists. At Laerchenberg in Mainz, no one noticed it and simply moved on to the next topic. This year’s “TV Garden” season will run till 25 September 2022.

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