“Do You Think Fun?”: Oliver Poacher Questions Amira-Witz Post-Paternity

"Do You Think Fun?": Oliver Poacher Questions Amira-Witz Post-Paternity

Amira Pochar tells her husband Oliver “Do you think that’s fun?” purely. Build: Screenshot / ARD

“Don’t even know if I have kids”: Oliver Poacher reacts with a mean joke after TV prank

Oliver Pocher find in TV Clear words after speaking to Guido Cantz for “do you understand”. happiness? “Saturday was actually spoofed in ARD. Over the past few months Pochar has been working with his “screen controls” instagram Worked to investigate small and big wrong steps by the affected. Particularly troubling for moderators are topics, for example, shady discount codes or Dubai holidays amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The mischief Kantz had to do with him for television was aimed precisely at these issues: Oliver’s wife Amira and her brother Hima find out when the influential Maria Maksimovic introduces herself to the Poachers as Hima’s new friend.

and he pulled straight from the leather: during his dinner Flat He had to shoot several commercials and repeatedly asked Pocher to pursue his career by postponing his next “Screen Control”. But the 43-year-old defended herself with arms and legs when Maria continued to tease her, claiming she would soon Family To relate, Poacher countered: “Well, if you keep going like this, we’ll be nothing anytime soon. I don’t know you, I don’t say anything about you.”

Oliver Pocher questions his paternity after TV prank

Shortly before moderator Kentz resolved the unpleasant situation, Pocher escaped: “This will be the best hidden camera ever!” In the studio, Oliver then remembered that he had completely fallen for the mischief, which, according to Kantz, took almost two years of preparation.

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Hanoverian said of the film, “When I saw it, I regained my pulse and sweaty hands.” “Since I connect with Hima so well, I just thought: ‘She’s crazy that the last old lump one. How could that happen?’

His brother-in-law went to a hotel for several nights and always said that he was going to see his new girlfriend, Maria. While shooting with a hidden camera, Amira had to find a key that Maria could take to Hima at Poachers’ large property.

Oliver Poacher summarized the world as “Do you think fun?” not anymore. Build: Screenshot / ARD

“I always had to tease him about everything. I knew he would lead at home. But we needed it there. I always had to cheer him up and at some point he would get really angry.”, a mother of two who has two sons from Pochar, commented on her approach. It was all too much for the comedian right after the situation was resolved. He joked from behind:

After a successful prank, Guido Cantz welcomed Amira and Oliver Pocher. Image: DPA/SWR – First

Guido Cantz again asked Amira – are they? Children from Oliver? “Yes, officially. This was his first question afterwards”So Amira.

For a long time Pocher believed that no one would be able to trick him. Once he was a guest on a hidden camera show and it was already suspected at that time that he might be part of such a format – the situation just got very awkward. However, this time it was difficult for him.


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