Election campaign: CDU’s top candidate Sack: Whoever votes for SPD, vote it in red-red-green color

Election campaign: CDU's top candidate Sack: Whoever votes for SPD, vote it in red-red-green color

The battle for state elections has begun on 26 September: Michael Sack, the CDU’s top candidate, begins his campaign tour through Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania on Monday. In the morning he presented his touring team of cars and information trailers in Schwerin, in the evening the first appointment took place in his hometown of Loitz (Vorpommern-Greifswald district): a conversation with Sach and local CDU state candidate Franz-Robert Lisko at the Loitz Harbor Distillery. In.

More than 150 appointments are scheduled on election day. According to Sack, this includes meetings with clubs, company visits and discussions with mayors, as well as stopping at the parking lot in front of the shopping center to talk to people. The CDU politician said there are also plans for one or two rallies with prominent federal politicians. Who will come where and when is still open. Since the Bundestag election campaign is running at the same time, the appointments are made at short notice, said the general secretary of the CDU in MV, Wolfgang Waldmüller.

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Sack said that he was working for the victory of the CDU in the state elections. Whoever wants CDU in the state government should vote for CDU. On the other hand, those who vote for the SPD will “finally, of course” vote red-red-green. Julian Barlen, the SPD’s general secretary in the MV, had already made it clear that red-red-green would be the better solution for them.

Sack: Local public transport solutions are vital for rural areas

SAC mentioned economy, education, digitization and rural areas as the main themes of its election campaign. He stressed that the CDU cannot put additional burden on the economy. Schools will eventually have to find a way out of the “Cretaceous” and become more digital. There are still many holes in the mobile network, criticizing the challenger to Prime Minister Manuela Schweisig (SPD). Broadband expansion must proceed rapidly. Fast Internet opens up new opportunities for rural areas, attracting creative people who want to work in natural surroundings when the infrastructure is right.

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From the point of view of SAC, the district administrator in Vorpommern-Greifswald, solutions for local public transport for rural areas are of great importance. He mentioned the Ilse on-call bus system in some parts of his district, which reliably connects smaller towns in case one needs them. So far in the Germain/Tuto/Loitz region is Ilse; From 1 August the Damin/Dargun area would expand into the neighboring district of the Mecklenburg Lake District.

Ilse will also start from August 1 in the Strasbourg/Passwalk area (Vorpommern-Greifswald) to Woldeg/Friedland in the Lake District, Sack reported. There is also an on-call bus system to better connect smaller towns in the Ludwigslust-Parchim district. The top candidate spoke in favor of an MV-wide expansion and promised the country’s support if the CDU won the election.

Regarding environment and climate protection, Sack said that these were always the subjects of CDU. It is about sustainability to give the following generations a livable world. “I believe that as CDUs we don’t need to go green to think about the subject.” It is about innovations for climate protection and not sanctions. In this context he referred to plasma and nuclear fusion research at Greifswald. According to his own statements, Bori is campaigning with a diesel vehicle as there are hardly any e-charging stations in remote and rural areas.

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