Woh Long: Fallen Dynasty: Here’s How Long The Main Story Will Keep You Busy

Woh Long: Fallen Dynasty: Here's How Long The Main Story Will Keep You Busy

Action role-playing game That Long: Fallen Dynasty has now got a release date, but how long will the title keep you busy if you buy it? Now the latest information!

in a new interview with Xbox Dynasty is the director of That Long: Fallen DynastyMasakazu Hirayama, has now said more about the title and, among other things, confirmed details about the exact game timing. So you will definitely be able to spend some time alone with the main story.

According to Hirayama, completing the main story of the game will keep you busy for about 40 hours. So just to see the real ending you’re already busy enough. But you can increase the playing time again quite a bit.

Reason: In addition to the main story, the action RPG will have a whole range of side tasks and challenges. If you deal with these as well, you can significantly increase the total playing time.

Overall, the length of the game for the main story is comparable to previous Team Ninja titles. either nioh With all nioh 2 About 40 hours of gameplay was also required to complete the main story. Similar to Nioh 2, Wo Long will feature co-op gameplay with real players or NPC recruits.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynstay is Team Ninja’s next major title and will be released for PC and consoles on March 3, 2023. The title was presented for the first time in June this year as part of the Microsoft and Bethesda Showcase. There was a reason for this as well: the game would be included directly in Microsoft’s Game Pass from release day at no additional cost.

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Woh Long: Fallen Dynasty – Tokyo Game Show – Deep Dive

Fumihiko Yasuda (Nioh Franchise Director) and Masaki Yamagiwa (Bloodborne Producer) discuss Team Ninja’s new action RPG, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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