iCloud Keychain: Unsuccessful Launch for Apple’s Password Management in Windows

iCloud Keychain: Unsuccessful Launch for Apple's Password Management in Windows

Apple no longer provides the latest version 12 of its iCloud tool for Windows 10 for download. Older version 11.6 of iCloud, which still lacks support for the iCloud kitchen, is now being distributed in the Microsoft Store. What is troubling for users is that the new function is still deferred in the description text, but is not available after installation.

The Chrome extension “iCloud Password”, which brings access data to the browser, is still available in the Chrome Web Store, but it does not work without rolling back the iCloud tool in version 12. Accordingly, there are negative reviews in reviews from confused users who complain about the lack of functionality.

It is still unclear whether Apple removed the new iCloud version for Windows from the Microsoft Store within just a week. Chrome extension users have reported problems displaying passwords. It remains to be seen whether iCloud synchronization of access data also had errors – there have been no reports of data loss yet.

So far, Apple has introduced its own password management only on its own hardware, it is integrated into iOS, on Mac it is part of the Safari browser. The debut under Windows was already a bang, as version 12 of the iCloud tool was available a week before the return, but the Chrome extension for iCloud password, which was also needed, followed earlier this week. If you have already installed iCloud 12, you can already use password management under Windows – unless there is a problem.

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In the Chrome Web Store, the number of complaints from Mac users who want to use the Chrome extension for iCloud passwords is increasing, but this is not possible. You can install the extension in the macOS version of Chrome, but it does not work there.


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