Navy petition in court: “I insulted Putin” – politics abroad

Navy petition in court: "I insulted Putin" - politics abroad

What a speech!

Russian opposition politician Alexey Navalny (44) made his closing speech in Moscow’s courtroom.

He reconciled with Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin (68) and delivered an all-out blow against the Russian injustice system.

Navalni faces three and a half years of imprisonment in the process, which is controversial as a political staging. Representatives of the prosecutor said in court on Tuesday that they violated the probation requirements in the criminal case several times.

Navalny said the real reason for the lawsuit against him was “hatred and fear of a man.” “I insulted Putin by living.”

Navalny and his investigators have “proved that Putin has used the FSB to attempt murder”. (The FSB is the Russian domestic secret service.) It drives the “little man in the bunker”, so the Kremlin critics of Putin, are “insane”.

Murder is the “only means of struggle” that Putin knows, according to Navalny. “He would go down in history only as a poison (…). Alexander was the Liberator or Jaroslav the Wise, but this man would go down in history as the poison of underwear.”

Background: It is believed that the Novichok neurotoxin, with which the Kremlin critic was poisoned, was applied to Navalni’s underpants by Putin agents.

“I will fight”

Alexey Navalny in the Moscow City Court room on February 2Photo: Without recognition / Dapa

Navalny did not encourage all freedom-loving Russians to avoid his possible punishment: “Millions and hundreds of thousands cannot be imprisoned, and I hope more and more people realize this. And if they realize this, and that moment will come, they cannot lock in the whole country. “

His promise to the Russian people: “I will fight as much as I can, even though I am now in control of those who smear everything with chemical weapons (…)”

“There are a lot of good things going on in Russia right now, and the good thing is that people are not afraid, they are not looking down, and they are not going to turn our country into a group of corrupt officials who are going to the palaces.” Will trade our country. “

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