iPhone Repair For Everyone? Apple can cheat

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In the past, Apple strongly opposed programs such as self-service repair. They allow customers to repair their smartphones themselves. After much back and forth, the group has now allowed itself to spread. This means: Apple will soon sell spare parts and tools for iphone repair Direct to Consumers: Inside. The company may still be having trouble with its plan.

iPhone Repair: Doubt is in Order

Apple has already launched a comparable program once before. At the time it was the “Program for Independent Repair Providers”. It was not without good reason that the campaign received widespread criticism. It quickly became clear to people that this was just a PR gag, says repair technician Louis Rossmann.

appeasement of politics

Its purpose was to make it clear to politicians that there was no problem of antitrust. In reality, though, the iPhone repair program was not what people envisioned. So Apple only provided the screen and the battery.

“So if you have a phone with a broken charging port, you’re out of luck. If you have a MacBook that has a problem, you’re out of luck. If you have an iMac with a problem, you’re out of luck.” are out.”

Louis Rossmann (via YouTube)

You also had to pre-order the relevant spare parts at higher prices. All of this has resulted in most independent repair providers casually choosing not to use the program. It just wasn’t attractive.

Does Self Service Repair do what it says on the tin?

Initially iPhone 12 and 13 can be repaired independently. Mac computers with the M1 chip will work later. “This repair option will be offered in the US early next year and will be expanded to other countries during 2022,” Apple writes in a Press release,

“With better access to original Apple parts, our customers have even more options when they need repairs. Over the past three years, Apple has almost slashed the number of repair locations with access to genuine Apple parts, tools, and training. Doubled that, and now we have an option for those who want to do their own repairs.”

Jeff Williams, Chief Operating Officer Vaughn Apple

It remains to be seen whether Apple will fulfill its iPhone repair promises.

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Quellen: apple; youtube/louis rossmann

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