Microsoft Edge: With Windows 11, the browser moves to the Microsoft Store

Microsoft Edge: With Windows 11, the browser moves to the Microsoft Store

Windows 11 has been officially available as an Insider Preview in the Dev Channel for about a month. Microsoft plans to make the new version available to Windows 10 users for free as an upgrade in autumn 2021. The new software has many innovations in its stuff. We already took a look at some of them for you earlier in the month at the Insider Build.

Today we would like to take a closer look at the modifications that users can expect with respect to Microsoft Edge. Not only are there some adjustments in the browser, the Microsoft Store will also get a facelift with Windows 11.

Edge goes Windows 11

With the upgrade to Windows 11, many features of the software have been modified. A significant part of the innovation is due to the optics, which promise a consistent and modern design. But Windows 11 is much more than a beauty upgrade. After the update, many functions will also come with new features.

Users who rely on Microsoft’s own browser will find Edge again under Windows 11. Two weeks ago we took a closer look at the visual update for youThat Microsoft Edge missed. It aims to continue the new and similar design of Windows 11 in the browser. Users can expect some innovations in font, text size and alignment of individual elements.

Microsoft announced yet another exciting innovation regarding Edge just a few days ago. Upgrade to Windows 11 The in-house browser finally hits the Microsoft Store. This is the first time Microsoft has made Win32 applications available for direct download from its store. In the following, we’ll explain why this unexpected sound change has many benefits.

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Benefits for users: Edge will be updated through the store in the future

One of the biggest benefits for users is that after upgrading to Windows 11, Edge can not only be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store, but also that applications will be updated from the Store in the future. What appears inconspicuous at first glance has huge security benefits. With the Store, Microsoft provides a central download point for necessary updates to the browser, thus making it easier to access security-related updates. This will make it easier for users in the future to ensure that their online activities are protected by regular updates. In addition, critical security updates for applications downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store are to be rolled out centrally through the Store in the future.

With the increasing importance of topics such as data security and payment transactions on the Internet, the personal responsibility of users has increased. The timeliness of the browser used is one of the most frequently asked expert tips on Internet security matters. This especially applies to users who regularly use online services with payment transactions. online casinos For example, recommend, inter alia, our customers to protect their sensitive data with up-to-date software. This applies to native apps that are available to players for download, but also to any other Internet-related software installed on the device. A current browser version is indispensable if a purely browser-based application is used instead of a native app or a hybrid version that enables access through the app as well as directly through the browser.

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In the past, Microsoft has always tried to close potential security gaps in a timely manner. Especially in the case of minor improvements, however, that required a high degree of independence on the part of the user, for example, updates that were not absolutely necessary were available. A centralized platform like the Microsoft Store can not only facilitate access to updates, but also create a new incentive to learn about update offers.

Windows 11 makes the Microsoft Store more attractive

With the move from Edge as part of Windows 11, Microsoft not only wants to ensure more security and convenience for users, but also wants to upgrade the Store. So far, Microsoft’s contribution to the offering in the Store has been limited to PWA and UWP apps. Premiere of Win32 Applications aims to break new ground here.

It wasn’t until April that Microsoft closed stores for business and education following the earlier announcement. With the adjustments surrounding Windows 11, there are new options to be implemented that make the trip to the store more interesting again. With the introduction of Edge in the Microsoft Store, the company also wants to send a clear signal to other developers and providers and encourage them to develop applications suitable for Windows 11 users and make them available for download through the Microsoft Store. Is.

As such, the upgrade to Windows 11 should be a huge leap forward for the Store. With Windows 10, users’ enthusiasm for the offers and services was limited. Developers also often shy away from the hassles associated with placing their products in the Microsoft Store. With the new Windows version, the Store should open carefully and make it easier for third parties to access. To this end, Microsoft initially announced that it would waive the previously applicable UWP liability for applications in the Store under Windows 11. This means that third-party providers may make their software available with a Win32 installer in the future. In addition, Microsoft announced that it would give developers and providers the ability to provide and update software in the Store completely independently in the future. A financial incentive should also be created. For this reason, Microsoft has already announced that with the upgrade to Windows 11, it will waive the payment of own contributions for third-party applications.

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The main function of Microsoft Edge’s entry into the store is, of course, to set a clear signal for the future course. The basic version of the browser is also preinstalled with Windows 11 And hence available to the users without any additional download. Nevertheless, the symbolic provision of this flagship has already had an effect. Since July some interesting Win32 applications can be found in the Microsoft Store along with Adobe Acrobat Reader, Zoom, and OBS. With the eventual launch of System Upgrades at the latest in autumn, this trend should continue and make the Microsoft Store more interesting for Windows users in the future.

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