New Resistance and Days Gone 2 was rejected by Sony

New Resistance and Days Gone 2 was rejected by Sony

Astonishing details have emerged these days from Sony Bend Studio, the most recent days goneE and really wanted to work on a sequel. However, this was not the only project that Sony turned down.

Like Jeff Ross, then game director days gone, In An interview with David Jaffe Turns out there was already a pitch days gone 2Which Sony didn’t like. Alternatively, a new offering was made. Resistance– Creating a game with an open world setting, which may even have a pitch.

But this too was rejected. Instead, Sony looked for ways to keep the studio engaged and suggested a new Syphon Filter to develop. But Bend Studio didn’t want that because they didn’t have any real ideas.

As Ross points out, the idea was days gone 2 That was never a realistic thing for Sony, who didn’t consider the game a really successful one, even though it looked good. which sold 9 million times Is. Ross says:

“I think the Days Gone 2 pitch was dead from the start. It was reviewed at a higher level than the studio, but I don’t think it went beyond that. I think the reviews were many from the point of view of the first game. Were a train wreck in ways and it didn’t sell big enough, so let’s keep these guys busy. Instead, they asked us: Hey, what about siphon filters..?”

Resistance also open-world-spiel

Rather, you have a . had ideas for ResistanceGame with an open world setting. According to Ross, the franchise and its elements would have been well suited for an open world game that, in his view, would have developed almost on its own. Sony didn’t like the idea either.

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As mentioned, Sony then offered a new adopt-Filter, so that one does not believe in an honest offer, but in a kind of employment solution for the studio. Even if you had worked on it it is not clear whether you would have got the green signal for it or not.

Ross has since left the studio and doesn’t think there will be a new one in the near future. Resistance-, days are gone- or adopt Filter game will appear. Bend Studio is currently in development a new ipBut no details are available.

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