Call of Duty: Ricochet anti-cheat technology presented

Call of Duty: Ricochet anti-cheat technology presented

After Activision announced new measures against fraudsters and hackers who are making various “Call of Duty” titles vulnerable this week, the company introduced new anti-cheat software under the name “Ricochey.” However, for console players, there’s a bit of a grip on the whole thing.

This week, those responsible for Activision already indicated that the fight against fraudsters and hackers in various “Call of Duty” titles would intensify.

Over the course of tonight, the company finally did with its statements and introduced a new anti-cheat software called “Ricoche”. It is described as a powerful tool which is developed and monitored by experienced professionals. As stated in the official announcement of “Ricoche”, a multi-pronged approach is being used here to launch the fight against hackers and fraudsters. For example, server tools are used to monitor game play and related processes to track suspicious activities.

Full support initially for PC only

Another factor with which the fight against cheating has been announced is the machine learning of “Ricoche”, which collects gameplay data from servers and checks it for anomalies. In addition to the implementation of new anti-cheat technology, Activision and the various studios behind the “Call of Duty” series continue to work closely with the community, calling out players suspected of hacking or cheating. use to report.

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According to the official announcement by “Ricoche”, the new technology will be made available in time for the launch of “Call of Duty: Vanguard” on November 5, 2021. For console gamers, though, there’s a small catch to the whole thing. Full support for “Ricoche” will initially be available only on PC. Console players benefit from the new anti-cheat technology on PC only when they are in the crossplay lobby with PC players.

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Unfortunately, it was not disclosed when the console would be fully supported by “Ricoche”. If you’re still looking for more information on the new anti-cheat technology, you’ll be on it official website Find it.

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