VAT free: Samsung QLED TVs too low on MediaMarkt – Kino News

VAT free: Samsung QLED TVs too low on MediaMarkt - Kino News

MediaMarkt will give you VAT tonight from 8 pm to 30th October at 11:59 pm. So you save a whopping 16% on multiple products and can upgrade or expand your home cinema for so cheap.

It almost seems too good to be true. MediaMarkt is offering its customers 16% off in online shop from 26th October at 8pm And in stores from 27 October. The promotion runs until 11:59 pm on October 30th and includes a range of products.

So before you tackle the finale of “House of the Dragon” on Sky or the new sci-fi series “Periphery” on Amazon Prime Video, treat yourself to a small or major home cinema upgrade. But be careful: not all products are included in the promotion.

, MediaMarkt. For VAT Gifts Campaign,

Up to 16% off on multiple products like Samsung QLED TVs

To be more precise, MediaMarkt does not give you VAT, but gives you 15.966% discount on multiple devices. About 16% is a lot. Even on the second Prime Day, there were sometimes far fewer perks and we don’t yet know how good Black Friday will be.

The 16% savings are displayed in the shopping cart in the online shop on MediaMarkt or deducted at checkout. So don’t let the normal prices in the store bother you.

IMPORTANT: The included products are clearly marked on the homepage. Because the discount does not apply to all items in the shop. Products from Apple, Amazon and Sonos, as well as game consoles and select TV sets from LG, Philips and Sony are not included.

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There are still good offers for home cinema lovers. Samsung televisions and Bose soundbars will be reduced by about 16%.

, Samsung QLED TVs on MediaMarkt,

, Samsung Sound Bar on MediaMarkt,

, MediaMarkt. Per Bose Sound Bar,

The campaign is exclusively for myMediaMarkt . meaningful to the members ofThose who score three times higher than normal in the specified period and thus get the gift coupons faster.

* The links MediaMarkt offers are so called affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we will receive a commission.

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