Astronaut spacecraft ISS | Fee press feels at home on space station

Astronaut spacecraft ISS |  Fee press feels at home on space station

Frenchman Thomas Peskett has been on the ISS for about a week. In a press conference they described the effects of living together in space.

Paris (AP) – French astronaut Thomas Pesquet has settled well at the ISS space station exactly one week after his arrival.

«We are many, eleven in number. This is not a record (…) and it is going very well. However, currently there are only six beds and two toilets for all. But everyone should consider and follow along. It also requires certain rules, coexistence just works. An astronaut is currently celebrating his birthday, said Peskett, who is on board for the European Space Agency (ESA).

During the interview, Paisket was swimming in the ISS and playing with an inflated beach ball in the shape of a globe. Other astronauts could be seen in the background. Pesat said the debut on “crew dragon” of private space company SpaceX was an “unbelievable feeling”. It was different from the beginning with the Soyuz rocket, slightly more gentle. We laughed a lot together in the capsule.

Peskets, two other astronauts and an astronaut were docked at the ISS last Saturday. They were launched a day earlier with the help of a Falcon 9 launcher from Cape Canaveral Spaceport in the US state of Florida. For the 43-year-old Pesket of Rouen, northwest of Paris, this is the second time on the ISS. From the end of 2016 he was in space for a good six months.

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