Manipulation attempt: Committee takes action against Trump supporters

Manipulation attempt: Committee takes action against Trump supporters

attempt to manipulate
Committee deals with Trump supporters

At that time President Trump is using all means to protest being out of office. He is said to have had the support of the Ministry of Justice. The Investigative Committee of the Capitol attack has some questions for a former employee of the agency.

The Capital Attack Investigation Committee has requested documents from a former Justice Department official. The committee told the House of Representatives that Jeffrey Clark was allegedly involved in an attempt to cast doubt on the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. “We need to understand the role of Mr. Clark in this Department of Justice effort and who is involved across the board,” said Chairman Benny Thompson.

A committee in the US House of Representatives is to investigate the background of the January 6 Capitol attack. Supporters of Donald Trump stormed the US Congressional seat in Washington after the elected president booed him in a speech.

The investigative committee is also asking Clarke to testify. A report by the Senate Judiciary Committee revealed how Trump tried to pressure the Justice Department after the election. The committee is dependent on this report.

So Clark proposed a letter from lawmakers in US states to delay the confirmation of the election results. In addition, it should be announced at a press conference that the ministry is investigating allegations of electoral fraud. Both proposals were rejected. According to reports, the then acting US Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen has now been questioned by the panel. “I can’t confirm that,” said committee member Adam Schiff on CNN.

Trump had tried to block the committee’s investigation and insisted on so-called executive privilege. It is the prerogative of the President to withhold certain information from Congress or the courts. US President Joe Biden has refused to accept the first White House record from the Trump era requested by the committee.

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