Nord Stream 2: Anthony Blinken Reiterates US Opposition to Pipeline

Nord Stream 2: Anthony Blinken Reiterates US Opposition to Pipeline

Construction of the Baltic Sea Pipeline Nord Stream 2 is economically and politically controversial, and not just in Germany. Now, shortly before the completion of the German-Russian gas pipeline, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is joining the debate. At a hearing on the US House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs Committee, Blinken reiterated his opposition to the administration of US President Joe Biden in Nord Stream 2.

“We are against it and will continue to do so,” Blinken said on Wednesday. The pipeline violates EU principles for energy security. His ministry is investigating in detail whether companies should be engaged on the basis of further US sanctions rules for their cooperation in the construction of the Baltic Sea pipeline.

Michael McCall, the senior Republican on the committee, called on the Democrat Biden administration to stop the pipeline from completing and further ban the companies involved. McCall said there would be some more wins for Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin. “We are deeply concerned that the government’s strong statements against the pipeline are not accompanied by equally strong measures.”

America fears German dependence on Russia

So far, the US has only imposed sanctions against the Russian company KVT-RUS, which operates the Fortuna laying vessel because of Nord Stream 2 – shortly before Republican US President Donald Trump’s government ended its term Announced these punitive measures. In January. In a report published last month by the US State Department under Blinken, contrary to expectations, no other companies were punished or threatened with punitive measures.

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The US is against the project because they fear that their partners in Europe are also dependent on Russia. American critics argue that the US wants to sell its gas in Europe. According to Blinkens’ words, the pipeline is now 95 percent complete.

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