BILD columnist Alexander von Schoenberg – This is the Dubai trick – people

BILD columnist Alexander von Schoenberg - This is the Dubai trick - people

Nepotism is an ancient cultural practice.

They exist around the world, but in oriental cultures the principle of “knowing someone who knows” is essential. The Arabic word for this is lovelier than our harsh “cousin or special economy”: “vasta”, with a soft-spoken.

And so in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) a de facto “Vasta” economy has been established for the vaccination of Kovid, which the super-rich around the world know to use.

BILD columnist Alexander von SchoenbergPhoto: Sabine Brewer


“Financial Times” reports on this and also suggests to its wealthy readers how it works: you travel by private jet, then “Mandarin Oriental”, “Four Seasons”, “Jumeirah” or Dubai fares Take on Bulgari Resort ”.

This is the fastest way to establish a “connection” to the site that will allow you to get the precious substance.


Strictly speaking, the UAE is only allowed to vaccinate its own citizens, but, as I said, thanks to “Vaasta” …

This visible shadow economy is slowly shaming the Emirate as well. According to the FT, official vaccinations will soon be offered to tourists. Even for those who do not fly in a private jet, but rather fly by simple line.


Many celebrities have already used the Dubai trick.

This is not good for them. At least from a PR point of view. The head of Canada’s largest pension fund, Mark Machin, had to vacate his post after being exposed as a “VIP advance”. In Spain, two sisters of former King Juan Carlos are shot for the same crime (?).

In London, Ben Goldsmith, heir, playboy and government advisor, justifies himself as: “I was on vacation there and they offered to vaccinate me.” Should I have refused? “

In the right place at the right time.

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