Taylor Swift orders 45 kebabs for her team: owner comments

Stockholm, Sweden 20240517 Taylor Swift will perform at Friends Arena on Friday night. This is the first of three concerts during her ongoing The Eras Tour, held in Stockholm, Sweden on May 17, 2024. *** E ...

Taylor Swift doesn't want to give up her favourite food during her London show.Image: Imago Images / Christine Olson


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For Taylor Swift it's basically a home game outside the United States this weekend. She'll be performing in London from Friday through Sunday, the first of two stops on her “Eras” tour that will take her to the British capital. She'll give five more concerts at Wembley Stadium in August.

The singer reportedly still has a home in London, where she is said to have lived with actor Joe Alwyn. Taylor knows the British capital very well and apparently has some favorite restaurants there. It also includes a kebab shop. And the US superstar is now reportedly causing major problems.

Taylor Swift: This is her favourite kebab shop

Taylor Swift is said to have moved to a country house in the Costswolds for her European concerts. At least that's what it was “Sun” reported in May. But that doesn't mean the singer wants to give up the amenities she's used to in her adopted home of London. Apparently one of them: really good kebabs.

It's long been known that Taylor Swift loves a specific kebab shop in London. Kentish Delight, in the north of the capital, has a picture of the singer in its window. TikTok videos from the store show that a selfie of Taylor with the employee is also hanging on the wall.

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During her stay in London, Taylor Swift apparently wanted to provide her entire squad with her favourite kebab. As “Sunwrites, the singer ordered 45 chicken kebabs from Kentish Delight. The cost of the order, according to the report: 450 pounds (equivalent to 532 euros). An insider told the newspaper that “a person from his team” wanted to take the order in the evening.

45 kebabs at a time is probably not an everyday order, which is likely to put pressure on the shop. But there they are confident they can meet Taylor's wishes. The source said: “It’s a big order, but the kebab shop can handle it.”

And the insider also revealed what Taylor's favourite kebab actually looks like. They told The Sun:

“Taylor ordered hers with garlic sauce and a pile of salad.”

Taylor's enthusiasm for Kentish Delight has been shown repeatedly in the past.

Singer Taylor Swift performs onstage during her Eras Tour at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh on Friday, June 7, 2024. (Jane Barlow/PA via AP)

For Taylor Swift, it's essentially a home game on her “Eras” tour in London this weekend.Image: PA/Jane Barlow

Taylor Swift fans make pilgrimage to kebab stand

Kentish Delight was said to be one of the filming locations for the music video for their single “Endgame”. Swifties have been coming to the little shop for a long time.

That's unlikely to change when Taylor appears in the capital at the weekend. But will fans specifically order Taylor Swift's favourite kebab again? In any case, there have long been detailed reports from enthusiastic Swifties about the store on TikTok.

By the way, the general assessment of the kebab shop is much less enthusiastic. But “bark“Kentish Delight gets four out of five possible stars. In the comments, many describe the food as “average” and especially suitable if you're drunk and looking for something to eat immediately.

Taylor Swift doesn't mind. She's reportedly been visiting the store for years. She's also said to be there with her ex-partner Joe Alwyn, who recently spoke publicly about his relationship with her for the first time nearly a year after their split.

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